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Time Saving; Casting cycle time of one day.

Time Saving; Casting cycle time of one day.

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Aluma EasySet™ offers unique value added benefits like no other system:

  • Easy – Easier to Handle & Install. It’s lightweight (approx. 20 kg/m2), integrated handhold, easy pin-wedge connection & panel mark system; makes it easy to handle and erect at the job site without the need of skilled labour and cranes and/or heavy machinery and/or special tools.
  • Adaptable – Versatile Usage. Designed for monolithic casting allowing simultaneous construction of walls, slabs and stairs which optimizes the duration of the project. The system can also be applied to 2 stage casting whereas the walls, slabs, columns and stairs are built separately.
  • Save Money – Reduces (almost 0%) maintenance& finishing cost. Its unique extruded panels and inter-locking system minimizes the amount of welding. Other systems are subject to aluminum welding ruptures, which are difficult and costly to repair. Also its sole aluminum alloy extrusion, leave no stain to the finished concrete & provide a clean smooth concrete surface.
  • Yield Productivity – Highly efficient, costing less per use than other systems. It’s unique “Quick Strip” chamfer rails and standardized panels system complete with integrated pins simplifies and speed up the stripping processes (an average of 3,000 applications/usage).
  • Strong – Strong extruded aluminum components. It’s unique extruded aluminum components eliminates the use of welding around most structural components, this makes the panel more robust and resistant to wear and tear at job site, plus extends the lifespan, ensures structural integrity and minimizing maintenance cost.
  • Exceptional – Excellent structural strength. It’s 6061-T6 aluminum alloy extrusion, support a specific concrete pressure of 60 Kilonewtons /m2 (6,116.21 Kg/m2). Also it’s unique non-welded horizontal stiffener provides structural strength and practicality as panels can be easily maneuvered.
  • Time Saving – Casting cycle time to just one day. Its unique stripping aluminum extruded panels & stripping joints facilitate easy striking of the form without the use of specialized tools.

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