Aluma Systems was recently awarded the 2013 Outstanding Safety Performance Award by the Toronto Construction Association.

The Toronto Construction Association (TCA) Safety Award recognizes a TCA member company that treats safety protocols with a genuine sense of urgency and is innovative and rigorous about ensuring workplace safety is ensured. For the Toronto Construction Association safety is a process, not an event. Therefore to be nominated for the Outstanding Safety Performance Award, nominees must meet various guidelines which includes the following:

1. Displays a commitment to workplace safety that goes above and beyond legislated requirements

2. Demonstrates the kind of leadership that legitimately pays real dividends

3. Has an enviable track record in workplace safety

4. Provides CAD-7 rating and lost-time injuries (LTIs) frequency ratio

Aluma Systems has exceled in the above guidelines and was recently awarded the 2013 Outstanding Safety Performance Award by the Toronto Construction Association at their annual general meeting on Jan 30th, 2014. Congratulations to all the Aluma Systems team members for they great job and outstanding safety performance.








John Correia, Phanie Ouimet and Mike Jones accept Toronto Construction
Association Award on behalf of Aluma Systems.

PR & Media Contact:
Melissa Lara
Marketing and Business Developer
Aluma Systems CC, LLC – International Department