Aluma EasySet System™

About EasySet™

The Aluma EasySet™ system is a new integrated forming and shoring system that offers a lightweight and cost effective solution that can be used in virtually any application, in which reinforced cast-in-place concrete is the specified method of construction. With the use of reinforced cast-in-place construction, by using formwork systems such as Aluma EasySet™ it is more time and cost efficient. This system does not require plastering/rendering used in the traditional system of blocks/brick. The use of concrete provides an excellent texture and appearance without end ‘bellies’ or bad finishes, achieving a clean and smooth concrete surface.

The Aluma EasySet™system was designed to be used in monolithic construction as well as two stage construction methods, offering the flexibility to suit any application and any building layout, from single storey buildings to high-rise apartments. This system can easily allow forming of walls, slabs, windows, doors, stairs, columns and a wide range of architectural features, monolithically and separately.

EasySet’s revolutionary design eliminates 80% of the welding required compared to similar systems and produces a product that is technically and commercially above and beyond what other systems have to offer. Each extrusion of the Aluma EasySet™ panel is manufactured using 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, configured to integrate the face sheets and rails using interlocking connections. Each extrusion is mechanically locked by an aluminum stiffener, minimizing the amount of welding, therefore reducing the maintenance required over the life of the panel while maintaining structural integrity and rigidity.

The Aluma EasySet™ system as a Hand-portable & Industrial system offers a wide range of benefits:

1) Hand-portable System: (average 20 kg/m2) with lightweight aluminum panels, is durable and economical.

  • Easy; it’s unique “Quick-Strip” chamfers rails and it’s easy-to-understand since the panel mark system allows easy removal of slab and wall panels, and improves labour productivity and equipment organization on site. It does not require skilled labour; the panels are assembled and secured with an easy combination of pin-wedge connections – “integrated pin and wedge system”. Only two working tools are required to operate the entire system, a hammer and a pike bar, and Aluma provides this with the formwork.
  • Lightweight; average system’s weight is about 20 kg/m2, making it easy to handle, assemble and erect by job-site labour without the need of cranes, heavy machinery, or special tools.
  • Durable; made of durable 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, one of the highest quality aluminum alloys. It’s designed to support a specific concrete pressure or work pressures of 60 Kilonewtons/m2, or exactly 6,116.21 Kg/m2. It’s extruded aluminum components makes the panel more robust and resistant to wear and tear at the job site, extending the lifespan. All of the above features can extend the lifespan of the system with an average of 3,000 applications/usage*
  • Economical; competitive price, costing less per use than other systems and reducing (almost 0%) maintenance & finishing costs.

* Depending on the care and maintenance given to the system by the labour.

2) Industrialized system for mass construction; well suited for mass housing or multiple-unit housing developments and any particular concrete configuration (e.g. houses, buildings, hotels, prisons, warehouses, columns, etc…)

  • Versatile; Designed for monolithic casting, allowing simultaneous construction of walls, slabs and stairs, which optimizes the duration of the project. The system can also be applied to 2 stage casting whereas the walls, slabs, columns and stairs are built separately.
  • Speed; Its easy use and quick erection time (assembly/ stripping process), drastically improves the casting cycle time to just one day.
  • Efficient; its inter-locking system minimizes the amount of welding, streamlines and improves the construction process and reduces (almost 0%) the maintenance and scrap cost.
  • Easy stock control; the system comes with standardized panels complete with integrated pins. Integrated pins reduce the amount of loose pieces that can be lost, while the standardization of the panels allows an inventory stock that can be used over multiple projects.
  • Cost-effective; save on construction and finishing costs; given its cost-effective assembly/stripping process, plus other features like starter panels that control the quality of construction joints. It’s sole aluminum alloy extrusion leaves no stains on the finished concrete & provides a clean, smooth surface.