EasySet Benefits

The Aluma EasySet™ system has the same benefits as other hand-portable and monolithic and/or 2 stage casting systems. On top of those benefits, Aluma EasySet™ system offers unique value added benefits like no other system:

1) Versatile:

Aluma EasySet™ system easily allows for forming of windows, doors, stairs, and a wide range of architectural features monolithically. It can be adapted without the use of specialized components to pour or cast walls, slabs, stairs and columns separately (non-monolithic) as a traditional form system.

2) Easy:

Aluma EasySet™ lightweight (approx. 20 kg/m2), easy pin-wedge connection & panel mark system; makes it easy to handle and erect at the jobsite without the need of skilled labour and cranes and/or heavy machinery or special tools.






In addition, the Aluma EasySet™ Panels are the only ones on the market that are designed based on aluminum extrusions interconnected through a mechanically locked ‘interlocking system’, providing a range of additional benefits that allow:



The incorporation of side rails at panels with an angle different then 90° with respect to the contact face. With this feature the system achieves integrated stripping panels which dramatically increase the speed of the panel removal or striking of the form. Each wall of the system includes a stripping vertical and horizontal joint, a unique feature only available with EasySet™.


The slab formwork has stripping joints around each junction with the vertical wall formwork (a unique feature only available with EasySet™) which speed up the panel removal or striking process without the use of specialized stripping tools.



In corners where two orthogonal walls intersect with the horizontal slab formwork; the forms are designed with a number of quick strike chamfers facilitating the removal of these parts in this complex area. The corner joints in a monolithic form are where most of the problems arise during the stripping process. As the form is subject to particularly high concrete pressure, by using Aluma EasySet™ system these problems are virtually eliminated, a unique feature only available with EasySet™.


At the intersection of two walls, the system has a corner panel that also incorporates a stripping joint which further increases the speed of disassembling the system.





Finally, all the corners of the doors and windows frames are also formed with stripping panels in an angle to speed up the panel removal process. Also a unique feature only available with EasySet™.


3) Economical:

The system, a lightweight and cost-effective all-aluminum solution, being formed by extruded components that are mechanically linked together and locked in place, by a stiffener that doubles as an ergonomic hand hold, means that the amount of welding used to fabricate the system is reduced approximately 80% compared with other commercially available systems. Traditional systems typically use a lot of welding to connect the face sheet (contact surface) with the horizontal stiffeners and side rails. Being able to make panels that are mechanically assembled greatly reduces the amount of welding; Aluma virtually ensures that the system is what we call “ZERO MANTAINANCE”- a formwork with more robust panels that are resistant to wear-and-tear. In general, commercially available systems are systems that are susceptible to aluminum welding ruptures, which are very difficult and costly to repair. Since Aluma EasySet™ is a system with almost no welding, then the issue of maintenance is minimized and could easily be zero with proper use.

4) Speed:

Beside its lightweight, easy pin-wedge connection & panel mark system; Aluma EasySet™ system is the fastest system on the market due to the incorporation of stripping panels on horizontal and vertical panel joints.
Additionally, Aluma EasySet™ system is the only one that does not weld the horizontal stiffener with the back side of the face sheet of the panel, allowing the labourer to fully grasp the handhold, making it the only system on the market designed in this way. Thus, the stiffener provides two benefits; structural strength and practicality as panels can be easily maneuvered via the stiffener. The panels of other commercially available systems offer a partial grip making handling more difficult.

As a result the Aluma EasySet™ system requires no specialized skills or tools to erect and operate. Labour of any skill level can be quickly trained to erect the formwork systematically, speeding up construction time considerably.

5) Building stronger panels:

As mentioned above, Aluma EasySet™ panels are composed of a combination of aluminum extrusions that contain side rails integrated in one piece; this allows the side rails of each panel to adequately withstand abuse by jobsite labour, reducing to practically zero possibility of repairing damaged side rails. Generally, commercially available systems need to incorporate thicker side rails welded to the contact face, but sooner or later, the rails or face sheet must be replaced or repaired as a result of repetitive uses by jobsite labour.


6) Improved Finishing:

The system incorporates a minimum (2x) set of starter panels. The starter panels are those that are left on the previous pour and that serve as a base for placing the panels of the new level to be poured. By not removing the starter panels after the previous pouring, it guarantees a perfect joint between the old and new concrete, or what we call an invisible cold joint. In addition to having a base for placing the panels for the new cast, the references on the starter panels assist in locating and erecting the correct panel in the correct place, saving time on organizing the erection of the external formwork and also accelerating the pre-planning of the internal wall formwork. Also a unique feature only available with EasySet™.


7) Unique Stair Form for multilevel structures:

Aluma EasySet™ is one of the only systems that offers a stair form for multi-level structures that is fully monolithic with the rest of the form (inside or/& outside the core building). Stairs can be designed to suit any stair geometry and are included with the system and are designed to allow walls and stairs to be poured simultaneously. The stair form comes standard with a step cover to allow for even faster pouring using self-compacting concrete. As an added feature, the covers come with inspection windows to monitor pour quality, plus a thread step plate to provide safe access for workers moving up & down the stairs. Stair forms can be easily configured for use inside building cores as an alternative to precast stairs. It can also be supplied as an independent stair core form for multi-storey buildings.


8) Strength & Size:

Aluma EasySet™ system is designed to support a specific concrete working pressure of 60 kg/m2 Kilonewtons/m2,  or exactly 6,116.21 Kg/m2. The system has typical tie bar spacing at 30cm or 60cm c/c, depending on wall height and pour rate. Panels come in standard widths ranging from 15 cm to 90cm and increments of 30cm to a maximum height of 3.00m, with a particularly low average weight of 20kg/m2. Custom widths and length can be supplied according to project requirements.