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                    Venezuelan Government delivered first tower – 10 storey walk up apartment building completed in RECORD TIME using only one set of Aluma EasySet System Technology. Montalban Project – Caracas, Venezuela

Vice-president, Nicolas Maduro
Ricardo Molina, Minister of Housing & Habitat
Jacqueline Padilla, Government Chief – Capital District
Isis Ochoa, Minister of Popular Power 




                    “ … day by day refugee families are going to their ultimate house …culminated in TIME RECORD ” 

Minister of Housing & Habitat, Ricardo Molina – Caracas, Venezuela 

                   “ …miraculous that allowed 346,000 families to have a home. Who would have thought twenty months ago…?”

Vice-president, Nicolas Maduro – Caracas, Venezuela 



Vice-president, Nicolas Maduro – Caracas, Venezuela
Delivers Montalban apartments which were built with Aluma EasySet System Technology



GRUPO BAMACA – Montalban Apartments, Venezuela
Eng. Res. Jolly Perez & Eng. Carlos Marron, Project Managers

 “ At El Palmar Project we significantly reduced execution time and cost; all thanks to Aluma EasySet System. The aluminum panels are so light and easy to manipulate than in just one day we strip & pour an entire floor, including walls, slabs & stairs, without the need of crane or heavy machinery. Thank you for considering our opinion, in relation to the equipment you sell, I could write a book on the benefits, I do not know if it’s worth comparing it with other factories that make this product, but when I asked for quotations, your product was 25% cheaper than the competition, when I saw how is made, I understood that being extruded and interlocked together, reduces welding, manufacturing time and cost of course.  Today is definitely the most efficient way of building houses massively & industrialized.”

URBANIZADORA 2005 C.A. – Venezuela
Eng. Pedro Madrid, CEO & Proprietor

“What fascinated me of Aluma Easyset System is it’s cost-effective process that not only allows massive construction through its monolithic casting design but the fact that saves on finishing costs and reduce dramatically the scrap generated in comparison with other systems. Aluma EasySet is definitely superior than any other system I have used. “

Constructora Valle Hermoso C.A – Vivienda Valle hermoso, Venezuela
Eng. Giorgio Uzcategui, Proprietor & President

“During the past  10 years I’ve been in the construction industry; I have not found a more innovative and versatile system that increase productivity without compromising cost and final appearance of the project.”

HOTELERA REAL PALM C.A. – Hotel Tucacas, Venezuela
Eng. Nelson Miliani, Director & Owner

“Performance is the factor measure by builders in Colombia and around the world, and this is translated into cost reduction and through the use of EasySet which is Fast and easy to assemble achieving big savings.”

Construequipos  – Lucerna Project, Colombia
Lic. Carlos A. Lobo-Guerrero, General Manager

“Prior to making our decision to purchase the Aluma EasySet, our Engineering Department made a thorough research and analyses of the system. We had an opportunity to visit the manufacturing facility, as well as a number of construction sites where the equipment is used on actual projects. The speed of execution of operations and easiness of work with this system is remarkable and there is no comparison with any other forming system we were working before.  We had assessed all benefits of having this highly-efficient system for our construction plans and glad to add it to our stock of construction technology. We are proud to add that we are the first company in Central Asia who had decided to introduce Aluma EasySet™ technology to the Region”.

Bishkek, Republic of Kyrgyzstan
Andrei Tzevelev, Executive Director